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ACCESS 2 IMPROVEMENT LLC. is a Mental Health Targeted Case Management Agency located in Winter Park, Florida that was  established in 2014. Through the years of working with many agencies, we realized something that was a cause for alarm.  We realized that most targeted case management agencies were highly concerned with the numbers and not the actual lives being impacted in various communities. Access 2 Improvement LLC. was birthed in order to insure that every client would have a name, a story and a resolution. Not just a headcount and a monetary amount.


Access 2 Improvement will assist families through Targeted Case Management Services. We will provide TCM services to families and help them achieve their goals and lay a foundation of success with children/adults and families. a TCM will advocate and assist in identifying the problem-conflict and come up with solutions such as mental health treatment, food assistance, clothing and education in order to help families become successful in their journey. TCM will advocate human rights and link client to all services needed. Our mission is to give courage and inspire the individuals that have lost hope and faith through the everyday struggle.


The primary goal of a Mental Health Targeted Case Manager (TCM) is to optimize the functioning of recipients who have complex needs by coordinating the provision of quality treatment and support services in the most efficient and effective manner.Services and service frequency should accurately reflect the individuals needs, goals, and abilities of each recipient and must not Simply reflect the Medicaid maximum allowable for the service. 


Access 2 Improvement will advocate health and wellness by recognizing the needs of the community. We will strengthen and support the community by empowering and treating every client and/or family with respect and dignity. TCM will be a coordinator between specific services that will address specific needs. TCM will embrace the community in wraparound services to assist individuals achieve their goals and live a life victoriously. We will provide highly trained caring TCM's that will assist with the physical, mental, and social needs of our recipients.

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